Breakfast | 08.00am  - 10.00 am
Lunch | 11.00am  - 03.00 pm
Dinner | 04.300pm  - 08.00 pm

Please visit our Beautiful Garden Bistro with A Delicious Organic Menu.please join us for Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner.

1. Nasi Goreng Vegetarian | Rp 35.000
brown rice served with tofu,tempe,fresh organic vegetables and a fried egg

2. Garden Salad | Rp 40.000
with star fruit,tomato,avocado(in season,organic lettuce,snow pea,and red pepper, topped with cashew nuts and feta cheese and lemon dressing.

3. Couscous Salad | Rp 40.000
with couscous, red and green pepper, onions, tomato, cucumber, olive, carrot, mint leaf (feta cheese on request).

4. Tempe Sate | Rp 30.000
Tempe sticks served with Rice and peanut sauce and sweet sauce.

5. Fried Tempe or Tofu | Rp 30.000
Tempe or tofu served with peanut sauce and sweet spicey sauce.

6. Omelette | Rp 25.000
Egg cooked with red and green pepper,cheese,tomato or vegetables.

7.Jaffle | Rp 20.000
Toasted bread with a filling of tomato and cheese.

8. Pancake | Rp 25.000
Banana + pineapple pancake served with maple syrup and fruit salad.